Brodie Optometry is a full-family eye doctor’s office in Perrysburg and Deshler, we offer a family-friendly staff, state-of-the-art eye exam services and acceptance of most optical insurance plans. My staff and I answer all of your questions and offer information for your family’s eye care needs. Services range from prescription glasses and contact lens exams for nearsighted, farsighted, bifocals or astigmatism, to treatments for cataracts, eye injuries and medical conditions. Free infant eye exams is a service that I voluntarily provide to my patients and their families in order to ensure proper eye health. We welcome all ages at Brodie Optometry!

I started Brodie Optometry because as an eye doctor, I refused to compromise on the quality of my eye examination and decrease the amount of time I spend with each patient. I provide a comprehensive medical eye exam by using the latest in optical diagnostic equipment and tailor each examination to each individual patient’s needs. I offer digital and 3D image eye exams in order to detect damage or subtle changes in your eye over time; this is important for everyone but especially for those high-risk for diabetes, high blood pressure or macular degeneration.

I will only recommend eye treatment options that benefit my patients, not my bottom line. My staff and I always want our patients to feel comfortable and welcomed, resulting in a very rewarding experience for everyone. I hope to become your family’s lifelong eye doctor, whether you see us in the Perrysburg or the Deshler location. Thank you for taking time to learn more about Brodie Optometry, come see us soon!

Dr. Kyle Brodie O.D.

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