Inside Your Eye

At Brodie Optometry, you can count on state-of-the art treatment. Early detection of retina and optic nerve damage is essential to treatment and life-long eye health. Because of this, Brodie Optometry has invested in two specialized cameras, digital and 3D, in order to thoroughly examine, compare, and detect retina surface problems.  In the Northwest Ohio area, few optometrists offer such advanced services, and Brodie Optometry provides the technology for treatment and detection.

Retinal photography in optometry is essential when treating medical conditions that affect the eye. For healthy eyes, the opportunity to have a digital picture of the surface of your retina each time you visit is important because when compared over time, subtle changes can be detected and treated early.

3D optic nerve imaging captures, in detail ,the blood vessels and retina nerves of the eye. Any damage from diabetes, high blood pressure or macular disease can be detected with these 3D images.  These can also be taken each visit, giving Dr. Brodie an insight into subtle changes in the size of arteries or veins, and the opportunity to see under the surface of the retina. Similar to dental x-rays, 3D optic nerve imaging will give Dr. Brodie a picture of your eye health beyond the surface.

Retinal photography and 3D optic nerve imaging is recommended to ALL patients, not just those with an eye health challenge. The images below show retinal photography of a healthy eye and one affected by hypertension, glaucoma or diabetes.
eye close up

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