• "I moved from California to Ohio last year. I thought it would be difficult to find an eye doctor. I met Dr. Brodie when I had a medical eye emergency. I felt welcome and confident that I would be taken care of in a warm, friendly and professional environment. Dr. Brodie and the staff were great."

    ~ Tanya

  • "...The next thank you deservedly goes to veteran optician Tracy. She painstakingly worked with me to find the perfect frame for my shape of face. Knowing that I work under very bright fluorescent lighting she suggested that I try an anti-reflective lens with a shaded tint. This turned out to be the perfect combination. Already I notice less eye strain and reduced glare in the workplace."

    ~ Dennis

  • "I just want to give a big thank you to Dr.Brodie and his entire staff. First to Dr.Brodie for his thorough eye exam and the perfect prescription for a new pair of progressive eye glasses..."

    ~ Dennis

  • "...Anyone looking for an expert eye exam and or a new pair of eye glasses need to look no further than Brodie Optometry. A very professional practice where the entire staff really seems to enjoy what they are doing."

    ~ Dennis

  • "I was having a hard time wearing glasses while playing baseball. Dr. Brodie fit me with contacts and now I am hitting the ball out of the park. Thanks Dr. Brodie!"

    ~ Colin

  • "My wife and I have been spending a tremendous amount of time helping my son with his reading over the last 6 months. Unfortunately, he has not done well on any of his reading or spelling tests in school. We happened to notice one evening that he needed to get very close in order to read the words, so we immediately scheduled an appointment with Dr. Brodie. The office staff was extremely helpful and patient when diagnosing my son, then helping him to pick out his new pair of glasses. Since our visit, my son has received straight A's on every reading and spelling test he has taken. Dr. Brodie and his staff have truly made a huge impact in my son's life!"

    ~ Jason M.

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