Ten finger. Ten toes. A healthy cry. At a baby’s birth, these signs of health and well-being that most parents look for. Basic testing in the hospital often calms other doubts and removes the worry of hearing and vision issues. As long as your baby checked out, you’re find until school, right? Not so fast.

Around 80% of what a child learns as an infant is facilitated by sight. Without a comprehensive eye exam by a specialized professional, there’s no way to be certain that vision problems aren’t taking root, potentially harming your child’s ability to soak in the visual stimuli that are so important to development.

The good news is that through the American Optometric Association’s national InfantSEE® program, any child 12 months and under can receive a free infant eye exam at Brodie Optometry. The great news is that many eye issues can be corrected if discovered at an early age.

Why wait and possibly risk your child’s occular health? A comprehensive eye exam can help ensure a lifetime of great sight and healthy vision for your child. 

Learn more and schedule your FREE infant eye exam today.